Question: A first attempt at using my package in Maple CLI works for a simple procedure but not for a more complicated one. Why might this be?

I think my question can be answered without necessrily providing any code. 

I have a procedure that takes in many arguments and performs heavy calculations (solves multiple sets of differential equations in parallel using Grid:-Map and then does matrix manipulations with results, etc).

It runs fine in a Maple worksheet. 

Until about half an hour ago, I hadn't used the Maple CLI. I would like to run my procedure from the CLI. I did exactly the steps as I do them in a worksheet.



But Maple just echoes the second command back to me. myProcedure is in myPackage. There is a much simpler procedure in that package called myProcedure2 and I can call that just fine from the CLI.

What could be happening?

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