Question: How does one simply extract the exponent of one factor of an integer?

I want to know the exponent of one particular factor of an integer. For example:


ifactor(k) = (2)^3(3)

and I want to write a module to extract the exponent of (3) for any arbitrary k.

I can't select for the presence of 3 because it will pick up the factor (2)^3 and then it gets complicated to decide that I don't want this factor anyway.

If I somehow manage to select the factor (3) using "op" and scanning through each factor in turn, then substitute 3=x, it turns out that degree(%,x) doesn't work because the factor x is enclosed in brackets; similarly trying

log(%,3) fails for the same reason.

There has to be a simple way, but I just don't see it.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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