Question: How do I display an array of plots?


I am trying to display an array of plots. I did a search and found this: "".

However, when I try it, I get an error message: "Error, (in plots:-display) element 1 of the rtable is not a valid plot structure".

Here's the code identical to the sample page. If I display(A__1) or display(A__2) individually, it works.

A := Array(1 .. 2);
A__1 := plot(sin(x), x = -Pi .. Pi, axes = framed, labels = [x, sin(x)]);
A__2 := plot(cos(x), x = -Pi .. Pi, axes = boxed, style = point);

Running Maple 2023 on MacBook Pro Monterey V12.6.5 (latest as far as I know).

Thanks for any assistance.

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