Question: bad hang in call to int(). Will not time out using timelimit().

My program simply keeps hanging.

It takes me 5 days to complete something which should take 2-3 hrs, since Maple keeps hanging, and I have to keep terminating server.exe and start again. Sometimes when I start again it does not hang where it was. I do this dozens of time per day.

even though I use timelimit on every possible Maple call. The problem also is that when timelimit works, it takes 10-20 times more time than asked. I ask for 10 second timeout, sometimes it timesout after 3-10 minutes if I am lucky.

So I keep trying to make workarounds and I am tired of all of this. Just waste of time. This is getting worst with each new Maple release not better.

Here is an example


    print("time used ",time[real]()-t0,"seconds");
    print("timed out");
end try;

in Maple 2023, with 128 GB RAM and very fast PC and nothing else is running, it hangs. I could leave it for hrs, the server.exe  is running at full CPU and timelimit is ignored. Timelimit in Maple is useless.

I do not know what else to do. if someone can suggest something, I am willing to try anything before I finally give up.


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