Question: Combstruct package: functorial composition available?

I have a question regarding the combstruct package, to be more precise, the specification of a combinatorial species as it is described here:

Is there any available constructor to generate the functorial composition of two species? For example, a simple graph can be seen as a subset of the set of all 2-element subsets of a given node set. This is nothing else than the functorial composition of E*E with E_2*E, where E denotes the species of sets and E_2 the species of 2-element sets. Thus, the species of subsets can be expressed as E*E and the one of 2-element subsets as E_2*E. Written in the Magma syntax, it should be the functorial composition of Prod(Set(Z),Set(Z)) with Prod(Set(Z,card=2),Set(Z)). Applying the count-function, it should produce the series

How can I achieve that?

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