Question: A resistant integro-differential ode.

How did Maple arrive at the following, implicit solution,

MSimplicitesolution := (-9*y(x)*(-y(x)*x^2)^(1/3)*6^(2/3)*x^2 + 16*_C1*x^(8/3) - 24*x^2 + 6)/(16*x^(8/3)) = 0, 

to the following 'ode',

ODE:= (2/3)*(int[(y'(x)*(x^2)/((x^2) -1)]) =int(-sqrt [2*y(x)])?

'odeadvisor' suggested y=G(x,y'(x), but I could not see how this could be implimented with this equation.

(Unfortunately, I am unable to download the Maple worksheet onto this sheet at this time.  Any assitance

would be appreciated.                

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