Question: Unable to use plot3d on a set of functions

Please pardon the poor format below.  I'm new to Maple and cannot figure out how to cut and paste worksheet code which includes  Maple prompts.  

I would like to create a list of funtions in a set and then select one and plot its real or imaginary surface.  I'm able to do this with a single function below:

h := z -> z^(1/2);
    h := proc (z) options operator, arrow; z^(1/2) end proc

plot3d(Im(h(x + y*I)), x = -1 .. 1, y = -1 .. 1);

This plots the Imaginary surface of z^(1/2).  However I need to do this with a set of functions delimited with curly brackets such as:

functionList = {2 + z, z^2 - 3*z, -z^3 + 4};
                          /        2          3    \ 
          functionList = { 2 + z, z  - 3 z, -z  + 4 }
                   \                        / 

And if I now try and select the first function in functionList and attempt to plot it, the plot is blank.

v := z -> functionList[1];
v := proc (z) options operator, arrow; functionList[1] end proc

plot3d(Im(v(x + y*I)), x = -1 .. 1, y = -1 .. 1);
Warning, expecting only range variables [x, y] in expression Im(functionList[1]) to be plotted but found name functionList[1]

 Can someone help me with this problem and also explain to me how to format this post nice like the others?

Thanks for reading.

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