Question: coloured phase plot of a complex function (or converting from matlab)

I have tried to generate a phase-plot of a complex function with maple (phase is the argument).

For example f(z):=gamma(z) or f(z):=zeta(z).

I haven't found.

Another idea is to translate this Matlab-Code to Maple-Code to get this beautyfull coloured plots.

xmin = -0.5;
xmax = 0.5;
ymin = -0.5;
ymax = 0.5;
xres = 400;
yres = 400;
x = linspace(xmin, xmax, xres);
y = linspace(ymin, ymax, yres);
[x, y] = meshgrid(x, y);
z = i*y + x;
f = exp(1./z);
p = surf(real(z), imag(z), 0*f, angle(-f));
set(p, 'EdgeColor', 'none');
caxis([-pi, pi]), colormap*hsv(600)*view(0, 90), axis*equal, axis*off;
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