Question: Maple help: Why do I get so many results that apparently do not match the search term?

With the following steps

S1: Open Help pressing F1

S2: enter `if in the search field

S3: click a topic in the result list

S4: search within the topic with find/replace (Crtl f) the term `if 

I get plenty of results where I cannot find the search term in the help topic. Why is that?

Is help ignoring the left single quotes ` ?

I don't think so: I get usefull results for `` and `i, which in the later case also lists the topic "ifelse" that contains `if in the textbody.

So, why does advanced searching with the exact phrase "`if" not list the "ifelse" topic?

Realted question:

Why does the search term "(* " not list the relevant help topic help(comment)?

Somehow related in the context of getting more specific results:

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