Question: Automate Lie Algebra Computaitons


I am trying to do explicit Lie algebra computations, and I am not sure the best way to automate these.

Suppose I have a Lie algebra with basis e1 through e8, and I have some linear functions:

f(e1,e2) = c1e1+c2e2+...+c8e8

Now suppose I want to compute something like

[e5, f] - f([e5,e1],e2) + f([e5,e2],e1), or more generally x.f with the typical module structure.

I can do this line by line - say [e5,e1] = -e1 and [e5,e2] = 0, then I can ask Maple for LieBracket(e5,f)+f(e1,e2)-0. However, I'd like to make an operator that does this for me. Can anyone please point me in the right direction?


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