Question: Expression Manipulation

I have been inspired by videos at this site: (1) Vorperian's Electronic Circuits Courses - YouTube

In these lectures, he shows an example of calculating the resistance of 2 series pairs of resistors in parallel, which is given by

(R3 + R4)*(R1 + R2)/(R1 + R2 + R3 + R4)  Eq1

This expression can be simplified, using the parallel operator (sometimes also referred to as the "reciprocal formula" or "harmonic sum") see Parallel (operator) - Wikipedia

`//` := (R1, R2) -> R2*R1/(R1 + R2)

`//`(R1, R2)*`//`(R3, R4)     EQ 2

This is easier to understand EQ2 compared to EQ1
1. Is there a way to display the function as a binary operator as in R1`//`R2 ?

2. Is there a way to add the parallel operator to the simplification procedure?

The videos referenced above go into more complex expressions that I would like to explore, but this seems like the first step.

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