Question: Functional operators/programming: Are nested arguments possible?

I have doubts as to whether this is possible, but I would like to ask anyway.

For example, can

`*`(`+`(a, b), c);
                           c (a + b)

be written with composed procedures (`*`@`+`) and somehow grouped arguments (a,b) for `+` and (a+b,c) for `*`.

So far I have only come across composed procedures in parethesis applied to one expression in parenthesis.

Since the second pair of parenthesis does a function application to everything what is inside the parenthesis it seems impossible that the right most procedure is only applied to a sub-term of the expression first.

If the answer to my question is no, I want to aks a related question:

Is it possible to separate procedures calls from arguments? So, in a first part of a statement I have a sequence (or a list or a composed function) of procedures/operators and in the second part a sequence of arguments instead of a nested construct of procedure calls?

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