Question: How come does "residualQQplot" give me a strange "mean"-value? How can I fix it?

Hello :) 

I have a math problem, where I first need to use Linear regression to find the equation based on a set of data. I did that, no problem. 

However, in the next part of the problem I need to check if the residuals are under "normal distribution". Usually, I check if a dataset is normally distributed via "QQ-plot", and there will be no problems. But this time, because I need to check the residuals, I need to use the "residualQQplot(data,LinReg)" command to make it happen. But when I read the mean-value, mu, it says "-0," and nothing else? I know it should be "-3,2752*10^-15. 

The standard deviation is correct.

How do I fix this, so the residualQQplot shows me the right result? 

I have attached the worksheet here.

Thank you! 

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