Question: Literal Subscript


I'm using MAPLE 13 on Mac OS X 10.5.8 with a "French keyboard".

The "worksheet,documenting,2DMathShortcutKeys" help page says that "Cmd+_" or "Cmd+Alt+B" creates "Literal Subscript" (not simple Subscript with "_") in 2-D Math or 2-D Math input. But the first does'nt work and the second creates a "Pre Subscript" (not listed in the help page !). Other shortcuts, like "Ctrl+Alt+O" (Overscript), "Ctrl+Alt+U" (Underscript), "Ctrl+Alt+P" (Pre Superscript) work fine. My question is : "What is the correct shortcut for a Literal Subscript ? (I do not want to use "Palette Expressions" symbol "a*").

Thanks in advance

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