Question: clear variable from MEMORY


I found this on a website:


To clear all variables in Maple and restart without having to reload the application, enter:


This will clear all values, unload all packages, and reinitialize Maple. However, this command will not free up memory previously allocated to Maple; consequently, when doing large jobs, the only way to improve speed is to exit and restart Maple.


Does this mean I can't clear any variables from memory at all without closing Maple?

In Matlab all you have to do is:


and that will clear the variable x from memory (you can see that the amount of memory allocated to Matlab goes down if you look at the windows task manager)


In Maple when I clear the variable x by applying the command:


the amount of memory allocated to maple remains the same.


I'm hoping that that website was wrong and there is a way around this because being able to clear a huge variable that's only needed for the initial stages of a long computation is extremely important - any software should be able to do this.

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