Question: Help! how can i solve this ODE system.

Dear All :

  I have a ODE equation system like this:

eqns := 1.00011000*10^(-7)*(diff(v[gs](t), t))-1.000*10^(-12)*(diff(v[ds](t), t))+v[gs](t)+1.000*10^(-18)*(diff(v[gs](t), t, t))+5.00*10^(-19)*(diff(v[ds](t), t, t)) = 12, 2.900*10^(-18)*(diff(v[ds](t), t, t))+5.00*10^(-7)*(diff(v[gs](t), t))+6.00*10^(-19)*(diff(v[gs](t), t, t))+v[ds](t) = 24

ics := v[gs](0) = 3.5, v[ds](0) = `#msub(mi("V"),mo("in",fontweight = "bold"))`

The results by using dsolve command are not the clear expressions. So is this results is caused by equations itself or by maple ? Is any possible get the exactly resutls?

tks very much! looking forward to your reply!




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