Question: How to solve an integration with unknown constants inside of it ???

the equation is like the pic below:

int(sqrt(1+16*a^2*y^6+24*a*y^5*b+16*a*y^4*c+8*a*y^3*d+9*b^2*y^4+12*b*y^3*c+6*b*y^2*d+4*c^2*y^2+4*c*y*d+d^2), y = 0 .. .2)

i try it by Maple ..but did not get any answer of it ! anyone can help me with this ??or there is no real answer for it ?

since the equation got 4 unknown constants which are a,b,c,d how to use maple to solve it ???

any idea and comment will be much appreciated ...thx

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