Question: primedecomposition


I have a system which is below:


X6-n4-n2, -n3+n1, -n4*X17t+n2*X9t, n3*X17t^2-n4*X17tt-n1*X9t^2+n2*X9tt, 130*X9tt-60*X17tt*n2*n4+60*X17tt*n1*n3-40*n2*X11+981*n2+60*n2*n3*X17t^2+60*n1*n4*X17t^2, -1500*X9tt*n2*n4+1500*X9tt*n1*n3+2250*X17tt+1000*n4*X11-14715*n4+1500*n4*X9t^2*n1+1500*n3*X9t^2*n2, n1^2+n2^2-1, n3^2+n4^2-1

I need to do primedecomposition for it. Maple could not do this for me kernel was lost. However system is not very big.

So I wanted to do by Singular which is a free software.I made a file from sample which I had for Singular software but it did not work.

Is anybody here that know how to use Singular and can help me for this?

How can I do primedecomposition for this system by Singular.


Thanks a million,

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