Question: Solve for zero: three equations, three variables,

Hello everybody!

I have a problem that's cracking my skull for the past few days and i can't seem to find an answer.
I have three equations with three variables, wich i have to solve.

> f1 := (x, y, l) -> x*z-l*x+2*z*l;

> f2 := (x, y, l) -> x^2+4*l*x;

> f3 := (x, y, l) -> -x^2+4*x*z-12;

I have to find x,z and l so that f1=f2=f3=0. I want to try this using Maple, but even after extensive searching and trying things out, i can't seem to find a solution. Does anyone of you know how to tackle this problem?

Thanks in advancce!

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