Question: Tensor vs Vector operations

Operations on matrices that presumably contain information on a physical field such as stress, voltage potential, or temperatures should essentially be the same between tensor vs vector operations is my understanding.  The only difference is conventions in how the expressions are conveyed on paper, ie- indicial vs vector notation?

The notation sij,j in indicial notation denotes the divergence of the s-field?  In other words, if s is a 3x3 tensor in a Cartesian coord sys., then the 1st row is differentiated by x, the 2nd by y, & the third by z, correct?  If so how do I get MAPLE to perform such an operation aside from manually differentiating each element individually inside the matrix.  I have tried & tried but apparently I am not getting MAPLE to recognize my 3x3 matrix as a tensor & keeps choking when I attempt to take del dot (M).

MAPLE I think is attempting to tell me what convention to work with depending on the command I try to use but the HELP dialog is CRAP!!!!!!!!

This cannot be this difficult.  Anyone have a good help resource to chase down examples such as this?  Below is my MAPLE output, appreciate any assistance.


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