Question: Problem with libgmp-3.dll

Hello, I've already posted a similar Problem, but didn't get any answers. Now I think I got the solution, but now there pops up another problem.

I try to run the openMaple sample java code from the samples folder in Maple. I'm running Windows 7 with Maple 13.

When I run, a Popup appears with:

"Error launching OpenMaple splash screen"

with an OK button.

After this, a Popup appears with

"Fatal Error, unable to open C:\Program Files\ Maple 13\\libgmp-3.dll. This library is required for Maple to run."

with an OK button.

After this:

"Runtime Error!

Programm: C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\javaw.exe


At least the terminal shows:

"fatal error(-1) loading GMP library: C:\Program Files\Maple 13\\libgmp-3.dll"



I've already copied the libgmp-3.dll file from the GENERIC folder in the folder. But this hadn't any effect. If you need further information, please ask.



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