Question: DesktopSearch for the Maple's files

Hi all,

I've been using Copernic Desktop Search for a long time now.  It's the perfect tool for me when I want to find files that contain specific words.  But now that I have more than 1 gig of files with extension *.mw (and all the others that come with other version of Maple), I am in the need to find a way to search in thoses files.

If I open a *.mw file in a simple text editor (TextPad in XP and gedit in Ubuntu), there is a lot of codes in addition of the word I am searching for.  Is there a "Maple Desktop Search"  software that could help me find a file.  It would be nice if the result of the search could be in a specific window and another window with a extract of the phrases before and after the word so I can juge if this is the right one.

Thanks in advance



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