Question: Need Help with Maple


I have only been using maple for the last 3/4 months. Its part of my course in college. We have only covered, what seem to be basic topics but they aren't entirely. We have covered 'for loops, if statements, boolean functions, matrices and procedures'. I am finding some of it difficult as the lecture isn't necessarily capable of teaching it. Here is an example of the kind of revision questions she gave us:



j, the column number where x will be found, if it is in the card.j to x. If one of them equals

I have tried searching the internet for help with maple, but it all seems to be just introductory stuff. If anybody knows anywhere that can possibly help me with maple i'd greatly appreciate it.


(b) Then compare each of the 3 numbers in column


3. Write a procedure called checkLine that takes two arguments, a card and a row index, and returns true if every box in the ith row of the card is empty (i.e 0) or crossed off (ie negative), and returns false otherwise.

Write another procedure called fullLine that takes a single card as argument, and returns true if any row of the card if full, or false otherwise.


Write a procedure called bingoUpdate that given a card and a number, crosses off that number if it is on the card. We will mark a crossed off number x say by replacing x by - x. You can do this using the following steps.

(a) Calculate

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