Question: Euler's Method for Four Non-Linear Differential Equations

Here are four differential equations that I need to plot with respect to time. Our teacher wants us to use Euler's method in maple 13 to do this but we have no prior experience and I have no idea where to begin. Any help would be appreciated. The step needs to be relativley small. Below are the numerical values for the constants, the four equations and the intial values for the equations.


a=1.36,    b=.2     c=1.36x10^-3    d=.00027         p=.1    f=3.0x10^-2       y=100     k=2        s=.33

dR/dt=ab-cR-dRV     R(0)=1000

dL/dt=pdRV-cL-fL   L(0)=0

dE/dt=(1-p)dRV+fL-sE   E(0)=0

dV/dt=yE-kV   V(0)=4x10^-7

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