Question: Solving ODE over a range of parameters

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I have an ODE that has to be solved over a range of x .....but i have difficulties in formulating the boundary conditions since i have certain constraints on them.

My B.C 1 is t(x) = c + (c-1)*erf(x)

B.C 2 is t ' (x) = (c-1)*(2/sqrt(pi))*e^-x2

i have to find the value of c such that my BC 1 becomes t(x) = 1 for large value of x,since the erf cancels out the c term n leaves 1 { it results in a bell curve which i knw for sure}

and this value of c shud make my BC 2 as t ' (0) = 0 [coz of bell curve the slope at the mid is zero]

but i dont seem to formulate the problem right and plot the curve

I tried using x=-2 for BC 1 since the erf at that value is close to 1 and gives the t(-2) as 1 but i dont knw how to choose the value of x for the second bc to solve the ode

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