Question: Using define_external w/ Fortran Array


I'm try to access some external Fortran routines within maple. I have a Fortran datatype of

  character*255 hf(20)

This is an input parameter, and I believe this will map into a maple Array object, but I'm not sure of the datatype. The help says that the datatype can only be "hardware datatypes" so I take to mean it would have to be of type integer[4]...when I do this I get the error below.

RefPropSetUp := define_external(
        'LIB'="C:\\Program Files\\REFPROP\\refprop.dll"



Error, invalid input: RefPropSetUp expects its 2nd argument, hf, to be of type rtable(datatype = integer[4]), but received nitrogen.fld

Thank you...

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