Question: Curve Fitting an exponential model to experimental data?

Hello all,

Am a very new Maple user (installed today), so please bear with me! I need urgent help with the following:

I am trying to simulate polymerization of PMMA and have the following problem:

(1) I have Temperature-time data, measured experimentally.

(2) I want to fit my model which gives me a relationship between the rate of change of temperature (dT/dt) and the temperature in terms of a number of parameters:

dT/dt = Q*[Z*{exp(-E/R*T)}*{a^m}*{(1-a)^n}*{1-a}]


a = P/Q + a0


P, Q and R are known constants

Z, E, m, n, a0 are the parameters to be determined.

and T is the temperature for which I have data, 200 data points at 6 second intervals.

(3) Can this be done in Maple?

(4) If yes, could anyone give me an idea of how to go about it?

(5) Also, would it be better/easier in Maple to integrate the above expression to get an expression for the time t instead? So,

t = (1/Q*Z)*int[{exp(E/R*T)}*{a^-m}*{(1-a)^-n}*{(1-a)^-1}]dT

(6) I was able to read in my data (in two columns Temperature and time - 200 rows) in maple and store it in a variable (say t). So can I just say that that the temperature is t? Or do I have to assign it differently?

Hoping to hear from anyone,

Thanks for any help in advance!

Kind regards,




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