Question: Get rid of Typesetting:-dotProduct

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I'm simply trying to define a piecewise function but maple inserts some command I can't even find in the help.

f:-x->piecewise(x<-1,3x^2-5,x=-1,5,x>-1 and x<=4,3x+1,x>4);

and I get in blue

               x->piecewise(Typesetting:=delayDotProduct(x,<-1,3x^2-5,x=-1,5,x>,true) -1 and x<=4,3x+1,x>4);

while when I remove the first negative sign, I get the intended response

f:-x->piecewise(x<1,3x^2-5,x=-1,5,x>-1 and x<=4,3x+1,x>4);

             x->piecewise(x<1,3x^2-5,x=-1,5,x>-1 and x<=4,3x+1,4<x);

 I can't figure out the fuss about a negative sign! Where is this function documented ?

Thanks anyone...



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