Question: calling a funtion for an integral

F(x) is a eigensolution of a potential well ((x^4)-3) i need to normalise F(x) by integrating (F(x))^2

i am having issues getting the program to call the solution of dsolv

i can get it to call for a specific x ie dsol(10) but it gives me a list of x=10  , F(10 ) and D(F)(10) 
i was wondering if anyone knew how i would go about integrating F(x)

E:= -2.07;

DE:= (-0.5*(diff(diff(F(x),x),x)+((x^4)-3)exp(-0.5*x^2)F(x)=E*F(x);



i have tryed using
H(y) :=eval(F(x), Dsol(y));

but receive the error

Error, (in H) invalid input: eval received dsol(y), which is not valid for its 2nd argument, eqns

any help would be greatly appreciated

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