Question: algebra and solving equation / using subs

Greetings All

I just wanted to test some values in the Rydberg Formula:

eq1 := 1/L = R(1/nfinal^2-1/nstart^2)

sol1:= solve(eq1, L)

and the answer looks correct:



But when I go and try and solve for these other variables I get

solve(eq1, nfinal)  ----->  I get an "Error, (in evala/Reduce/ff/monomial) numeric exception: division by zero"

solve(eq1, nstart)  --->   I get nfinal^2/(-1+RootOf(R(_Z)*L-1)*nfinal^2)

I was just trying to do a little simple algebra and put values in to verify



eval(subs(nstart = 3, nfinal = 2, R = 01.097373e7, sol1))


be 656nm or 6.56e-7


But I get 9.112671808*10^(-8)    What am I missing?

tia sal22


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