Question: Proc behavior

Hi all,

since i found a way to replace a function like sin i was wondering about it's behavior. I replaced it with:

sin := proc(x):-sin(x*Pi/180);end proc:

The main problem is when i use the proc it execute like a normal proc, and not like the actual sin function. here is some exsamples:

Without the proc:

> sin(x);
With the proc:

> sin(x);


At first i dit not think it was a problme, but when you use it in a Eval statement it can look kinda rubish:

> Eval(y=sin(x),x=30)

                                   Eval(y = sin((1/180)*x*Pi), x = 30)

So i was wondering if there was someone out there, who know how to change the priorioity of whitch a proc execute.


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