Question: how do i plot unit circle with "tick marks" on the line representing different lengths of (t)?


i am new to Maple (just purchased 13) as well as trigonometry, which i am using Maple for! i'm trying to use Maple for all of my Chem and Trig homework because I am a Physics major and I think i'll probably be using this for years, so might as well get accustomed now!

basically, one of the problems has a figure with a unit circle on a cartesian plane. the "t-line" (or plot line, i dont know) has tick marks that represent the length of (t), and they go from 1 to 6. to give a better "mental image":

the number "3" on this line is very close to the point (-1,0; Pi), and the number "5" is close to (0,-1; 3*Pi over 2). the problems dealing with this figure ask you to "find the approximate value of the given trigonometric functioon using the figure and a calculator". (ie- #1 is sin1, #2 is cos 0.8, etc.).


now, i have figured out how to create a plot of the unit circle using this equation:

>plot([cos(t), sin(t), t = 0 .. 2*Pi]);

this gives me the kind of graph i want, but i still need the "tick marks" on the line that i described. is there any way to do this? i am happy to change the formula for the plot, if necessary.



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