Question: How to convert the decimal part of a number into a list?


Reading about the "Table of Chords" of Ptolemy, I stumbled on something I thought should be easy in Maple.

For example, in the table, I have that the chord length  for 1/2 degrees (with radius 60 of course) = 0;31,25 wiich mean 0+31/60+25/(60)^2=377/720=0.52361.

What I would like to do in Maple is evalf[6](sin(1/2 degree))=0.008728 and then convert the decimal part of the answer into a list so I can do

> 'command'([0, 0, 8, 7, 2, 8], 10, 60);

Of course, I don't know a  'command' in Maple that do that.  I've looked up in ?convert.  In the calling sequence convert(n, base, beta), it said that "n" is a decimal number.  But Maple won't do


Any ideas?


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