Question: MmaTranslator - How does it work?

I've got a set of Mathematica notebooks written by my co-author which I was thinking about translating into Maple worksheets (we also have a Matlab version of the same simulations so I thought it would be fitting to have a set of Maple equivalents too)... until I realized it may not be all that simple. Does anyone have prior experience using the MmaTranslator?

The Mathematica notebooks are rather large so I certainly don't expect to be able to translate them in one click of the mouse. I do realize that I'll have to do a few things by hand. But I'd like to do as much as possible with the MmaTranslator, if it is powerful enough.

I created a Maple worksheet with the following:


This produces a long series of Warning messages such as:

Warning, The options, [AxesOrigin -> [0, 0]], are not translated and are being ignored

Odd: I would have expected the MmaTranslator to be able to deal with such a simple call.

The resulting output is a Standard/Maple worksheet that produces nothing like a Maple input.

Let me give one example: The Mathematica notebook has the following command:


I am guessing that this can be reproduced in Maple with

read init.m;

However, the MmaTranslator simply reproduces the line without any change:


If I use the MmaToMaple call, instead, I get:


which doesn't seem to be very useful either.

Has anyone ever successfully used the MmaTranslator and if so do you have any tips on how to proceed?

many thanks


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