Question: Int vs int again

Hi acer,

I got the problem of "Int vs int" again. With your advice, I changed from "int" to "Int" in the f2 expression below and draw the graph

However, the "memory allocation failed" message appeared again after long time running. Did I understand something wrong?

Here is the expression I want to draw the 2D graph

f1:= d*exp(-(0.5*(u-s-k))^2-(0.5*(u-s-k)+t-u)^2+(0.5*(u-s-k))^2+(-d*k));

f2 := Int(exp(-t^2), t = 0 .. infinity)+Int(Int(2*(Int(f1, k = 0 .. u-s))*exp(-u^2)*u, u = s .. t), t = s .. infinity)

plot(subs(d = .1, f2), s = 0 .. 2)

Thank you very much

Quang Vinh

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