Question: tickmarks : how to set spacing and thickness

I am trying to understand how to customize tickmarks. There are mainly two things I'm interested in : setting the number of tickmarks and/or the spacing between them and controlling the thickness of the tickmarks.

My reference is plot,tickmarks.

Consider the following, based on one of the Maple examples.

1) how do you customize the spacing between tickmarks?

plot(cos(x), x=-2*Pi..2*Pi, tickmarks=[spacing(Pi/2), default]);

plot(cos(x), x=-2*Pi..2*Pi, tickmarks=[spacing(2*Pi), default]);

for me both of the above produce the same thing as:

plot(cos(x), x=-2*Pi..2*Pi);


2)  how do you customize the tickmarks colour and thickness?

The Help menu states:

To get n tickmarks, use tickmarks=n or tickmarks=[n, w], where w is a sequence of one or more suboptions. Some of the available suboptions are listed below.

  • color=c or colour=c
  • subticks or subticks=t
  • thickness=t

Imagine I wanted to have 10 tickmarks along the x=axis, evenly spaced, in blue colour and with thickness=3, with subticks in red color, and thickness=2. Possible?

The code below (without subticks) doesn't do what it's intended to do.

plot(cos(x), x=-2*Pi..2*Pi, axis=[tickmarks=[10, color=blue, thickness=3]]);

Thanks for your help!

P.S. I'm using Maple 13 and the classic  worksheet.

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