Question: 3 dimension plot

Hello everybody,

I have a quite complex function and I need to draw its 3 dimension plot. The function is :

(210+x*(50-x)-50*2.01*(int(((w-x*w)^2.01+(1-x*w)^2.01)*w^1.01*exp(-w^2.01), w = 0 .. 1))+100*y^2.01-100*exp(-1))/(y+2.01*x*(int(k^2.01*exp(-k^2.01), k = 0 .. 1)))

with x = 0.1 ~ 0.9, y = 1.1 ~ 2.5

I used : plot3d(f(x,y),x=a..b,y=c..d). However, the maple can't not draw the 3D plot of the above function. The message is "Memory allocation failed" after a long time running and took nearly 1.5 GB memory.

Could you give me a hand on this plot? I guess because of complex function.

Thanks in advance.

Quang Vinh.

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