Question: plotting a 3d graph from an approximated integral

Hello, I need to approximate the Wavelet transform of a set of data, and then plot the 3d graph, I need to find the integral

w := sum(0.25e-2*f[m+1]*g(0.25e-2*m), m = 0 .. 71999):

with varying values of tau and s. I have recieved some help but i think the method of using lists is wrong (one lecturer told me to do this but the another said it wouldnt work.. and it doesnt), and the surface plot maybe wrong for what i need, this is what i have been helped to make so far,

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> f := readdata("data.txt", 1):
slist := []:
`τlist` := []:
wlist := []:
for s from 1 by 1 to 50 do
for tau from 0 by 0.025 to 180 do
g := proc (t) options operator, arrow; (1-(t-tau)^2/s^2)*exp(-(1/2)*(t-tau)^2/s^2)/(sqrt(2*Pi)*s^2) end proc:
w := sum(0.25e-2*f[m+1]*g(0.25e-2*m), m = 0 .. 71999):
slist := [op(slist), s]:
`τlist` := [op(`τlist`), tau]:
wlist := [op(wlist), w]:
end do;
end do; 
SurfacePlot(slist, `τlist`, wlist, title = "Surface Plot", axes = normal)

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