Question: solidcircle plot

Question:solidcircle plot

almath 182 Maple
<p>Dear all:</p>
<p>  I tried to plot contour of x^2 + 5*y^2 and two solid points. However, the option SYMBOL(_SOLIDCIRCLE) does not seem to work. Does anyone know how to fix this? Also, I am wondering how to plot a line with arrow head (direct line between 2 points) in maple?</p>
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<p>f:= x^2 + 5*y^2;<br />
cf :=contourplot(f,x=-15..15,y=-15..15,contours = 15,scaling = constrained):</p>
<p>plots[display](cf, POINTS([7, 9],[5, 5],SYMBOL(_SOLIDCIRCLE)));</p>
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<p>Many thanks,</p>
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