Question: Can't get coeffs to work with this


I'm trying to extract some coefficients from a symbolic determinant but it's not working. I tried every option presented on Maple help but couldn't get it to work:

> restart;
> with(LinearAlgebra);
> PL := Matrix([[x-x1, y-y1, z-z1], [x2-x1, y2-y1, z2-z1], [x3-x1, y3-y1, z3-z1]]);
 > y1 := 0;
> subs(y2 = -y3, PL);
> Determinant(PL) = 0;
> simplify(%);
> EqPl := collect(%, [x, y, z], 'distributed');
> coeffs(EqPl, [x, y, z]);
Error, invalid arguments to coeffs

What i did was just get a determinant from a matrix and then tried to extract the coefficients from the x, y and z variables.

Does anyone have any clue of why it's not working?

Thanks alot for the help,

Rodrigo Basniak

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