Question: Integrals of long sums and kernel connection lost

Hi everybody,

I am totally new to Maple, therefore the code I submit could be very inefficient. A few comments

  1. I have uploaded a file View 10505_CLPT on MapleNet or Download 10505_CLPT
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  2. I am using Maple 11.0 on a Mac Pro with Mac OS X Leopard 10.5, 16GB of RAM and 2 Quad-Cores.

I am trying to evaluate the double integral of a large sum. The integral I'm talking about is called PVW in the uploaded file. The integrand is of this kind:

N_1 * epsilon_1 + N_2 * epsilon_2 + ...

where both N_i and epsilon_i are decomposed in two-dimensional truncated Fourier series. In the file there are three parameters, namely

PolynomialOrderU, PolynomialOrderV, PolynomialOrderW, that determine the truncation of the series. At the end of the file, I print the output on a Matlab code. Now, if I keep PolynomialOrderU=  PolynomialOrderV= PolynomialOrderW=3, the code runs happily. As soon as I pass to order 4, my machine complains about a "Kernel Connection Lost". I am aware that increasing the polynomial order causes an explosion in the number of terms of my sum.

My questions:

  1. is there a smarter/more efficient way to compute the integrand and the integral?
  2. Suppose that there's no other way to implement that and the only thing I can do is to use brute force, how can I tell Maple to use up to 14GB of my 16GB RAM? It seems like now it's using only a small fraction of it

Thank you in advance.


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