Question: Parametric Surface - Axes Question

When I plot a parametric surface:

S5 := PositionVector([VectorCalculus[`*`](u, v), VectorCalculus[`+`](u, v), VectorCalculus[`+`](u, VectorCalculus[`-`](v))], cartesian[x, y, z])

VectorCalculus[PlotPositionVector](S5, u = VectorCalculus[`-`](1) .. 1, v = VectorCalculus[`-`](sqrt(VectorCalculus[`+`](1, VectorCalculus[`-`](u^2)))) .. sqrt(VectorCalculus[`+`](1, VectorCalculus[`-`](u^2))))

I get a plot that labels the axes with my parameters, although it appears to exist in X-Y-Z space.  How can I get the axes to be labeled properly?


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