Question: How can I solve the following PDE system



I'm a prime in maple, I have got a problem while trying to solve the following PDE system of equations

                  declare := T(x, y), v(x, y), P(x)

> sys1:=[10^6*v(x,y)*diff(T(x,y),x)-0.1*diff(T(x,y),y,y)-10^3*diff(v(x,y),y)^2=0,diff(v(x,y),x)=0,-diff(P(x),x)+10^3*diff(v(x,y),y,y)=0];

>IBC = {v(0, 0.2) = 150, v(0, -0.2) = 150, T(x,0) =400, T(0,0,2) =300,P(0.3)=0.1 };

>pds := pdsolve(sys1,IBC,[T,v,P],numeric);

Error, (in pdsolve) invalid input: pdsolve/numeric expects its 2nd argument, IBCs, to be of type {set, list}, but received IBC


Please help me solve this problem,


Thanks in Advance

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