Question: Precalc2

1. Use the given info to solve the triangle. C=135degrees, c=45, B=10degrees

2. A 10-meter telephone pole casts a 17-meter shadow directly down a slope when the angle of elevation of the sun is 42degrees. Find the theta, the angle of elevation of the ground.

3. Use the Law of Cosines to solve the triangle. a=75, b=52, c=52

4. On a map, Orlando is 178 mm due south of Niagra Falls, Denver is 273 mm from Orlando, and Denver is 235 mm from Niagra Falls:

a. Find the bearing of Dever from Orlando.

b. Find the bearing of Denver from Niagra Falls.

5. Use the Law of Cosines to find angle (alpha) between the given vectors. (assume 0degrees<(alpha)<180degrees)

v=i+j          w=3i-j

6. Find a) u+w, b) u-v, and c) 2u-3v

u=<1, 2>            v=<3,1>

7. Determine whether u and v are orthogonal, parallel, or neither.

u=<-12, 30>       v=<1-2, -5/4>

8. Find the angle theta between the two vectors:

u=<0, 2, 2>        v=<3, 0, -4>

9. Find a unit vector orthogonal to u and v.

u=<3, 1, 0>         v=<0, 1, 1>

10. [5/3(cos140+isin140)][2/3(cos60+isin60)]


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