Question: PreCalc

In problems 2-5, use the given info to solve triangle ABC (if possible). If 2 exist, list both.

2. A=15degrees, a=5, b=10

3. A=43degrees, B=98degrees, c=22

4. B=110degrees, a=4, c=4

5. A=75degrees, a=2.5, b=16.5

6. If a regular octagon is inscribed in a circle with radius 16, what is the length of one side of the octagon?

7. Find the area of triangle ABC if a=4, b=5, and c=7.

8. Let v be the vector with initial point (o, 10) and terminal point (7, 3). Write v as a linear combination of the standard unit vectors i and j.

9. Find the direction angle of the vector v=3i-4j.

10. Find the angle between u=<2sqrt2, -4> and v=<-sqrt2, 1>.

11. Find the component form and length of the vector u if the initial point is (-1, 4) and the terminal point is (2, 2).

12. A ball is thrown with an initial velocity of 80 feet per second at an angle of 40degrees with the horizontal. Find the vertical and horizontal components.

13. Use the dot product u times v to determine whether the vectors are orthogonal. u=<39, -12>, v=<-26, 8>

14. Given z1=2sqrt3-2i and z2=-10i

       a. express the two complex numbers in trig form.

       b. use the trig form to find z1z2 and z1/z2; leave answer in trig form with 0<theta<360degrees.

15. Give the 5 complex roots of 1.



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