Question: How do I insert the following (time) derivative x1(dot):= -2*a*x1*(x1-1)+(1-b)*x0

I'd like to know how to insert the following differential equation in maple 12 (or older doesn't matter that much) without incuring a - Error, recursive assignment -

Plaese note that, in the orignial text, a dott is added over the variable x1:

 x1(dot) := -2*a*x1*(x1-1)+(1-b)*x0

and that this differential equation describes change in the number of entities (x) that move through state 1, there a couple of more equations but i can't figure out how to insert the above one in maple correctly.

So first of, am I right in assuming that the above function translates to:


and secondly, how to insert this in maple 12??

When I try: > diffx1 := -2*a*x2*(x2-1)+2*a*p*x3*(x3-1)+b*x0; this results in
print(`output redirected...`); # input placeholder
                  -0.004 x2 (x2 - 1) + 0.00100 x3 (x3 - 1)

Thanks for your time, and the feedback is more then appreciated!



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