Question: Delay Differential Equation

Is present in last release of Maple an routine for the study of systems equation differential with delay?

Example, in my problem the DDEs:

y1 (t) = y5 (t-1) + y3 (t-1)

y2 (t) = y1 (t-1) + y2 (t-0.5)

y3 (t) = y3 (t-1) + y1 (t-0.5)

y4 (t) = y5 (t-1) * y4 (t-1)

y5 (t) = y1 (t-1)

are to be integrated for 0<=t<=1 with history:

y1 (t) = e

y2 (t) = e

y3 (t) = sin(t+1)

y4 (t) = y1 (t)

y5 (t) = y1 (t) 

for t<=0


Thanks in advance

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