Question: plot legend of lines with symbols (solidcircle, solidbox, box, diamond, ...)

Hello, I was trying to plot some graph in Maple.

I wanted to plot few lines decorated with circles, boxes, etc.

Finally I created that figure:

I did by combining plot and point commands into display procedure.

Here is an sample:

with(plottools): with(plots):
  plot( [ SP2_data, NW_data, HomH_data, HomK_data, WE_data, S_data ], color=[black, blue, "Orange", "Maroon", "DarkGreen",red] #, legend=["Paszkowski's method - corner", "Proposed transformation", "Homeier K transformation", "Wynn's epsilon algorithm", "Partial sums"]
  seq( point(SP2_data[i], color="black", symbol=asterisk, symbolsize=10), i=1..num ),
  seq( point(WE_data[i], color="DarkGreen", symbol=diamond, symbolsize=12), i=1..num ),
  seq( point(HomH_data[i], color="Orange" , symbol=solidbox  , symbolsize=10), i=1..num ),
  seq( point(NW_data[i], color=blue , symbol=solidcircle  , symbolsize=11), i=1..num ), 
  seq( point(HomK_data[i], color="Maroon" , symbol=box  , symbolsize=10), i=1..num ),
  seq( point(S_data[i] , color=red  , symbol=cross,     symbolsize=10), i=1..num ),

  labels=["x", "Accuracy"]
, axes = framed , thickness=2
, labeldirections=[horizontal, vertical]

Above, the legend option is commented, since Maple plots only lines without symbols (box, circle, etc.).

How to plot the legend of lines with symbols?



Rafał Nowak

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