Question: Including Maple input/output in LaTeX

I know this is a LaTeX question, rather than a Maple question, but I imagine there's somebody in these here parts who may be able to help...


I'm writing some student notes (using LaTeX) about the use of Maple, and I have several blocks of Maple commands interspersed with their outputs.  I'd like the commands to be typeset verbatim, and the outputs using displayed typeset mathematics.  Also I'd like the whole block to have a gray background.


What is the easiest or most robust way of doing this?  The LaTeX listings package doesn't do what I want (it doesn't like displayed equations), and I've fallen back on using minipage, with the Maple inputs typeset using \url, as \verb doesn't seem to work within a minipage.  I wonder if there's another, or better, way.




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