Question: Maintaining shading when exporting plot as EPS


I am trying to export a shaded plot with the transparency set to approximately 0.5 so that the gridlines are visible under the shading.  I am exporting it as an EPS for viewing in Ghostscript and/or LaTex.  Here is a simple example.

pf:=plot(x,x=1..5, view=[0..5.5,0..5.5], gridlines=true, tickmarks=[5,5], thickness=2);

pfshading:=plot(x,x=1..5, view=[0..5.5,0..5.5], gridlines=true, tickmarks=[5,5], filled=true, color=COLOR(RGB,.7,.9,.7), transparency=.5);


However, when I view it in Ghostscript and/or LaTex, the transparency disappears as if set to 0 and the gridlines are no longer visible underneath the shading. 

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.


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